St. John Chrysostom on Statues


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We are in an unusual time in our world as we see a global pandemic sweep from country to country. It was also a very difficult and surreal time in Antioch at the beginning of Great Lent in 386, after the tax riot and the desecration of the statues of Emperor Theodosius the Great and his family. The impending wrathful retribution hung over the terrified city like a suspended sword. It was in this time that St. John Chrysostom preached his amazing Homilies on the Statues, winning the undying love of the flock for his eloquent words of encouragement. This all happened during his first Great Lent as a priest, and as the main preacher in the cathedral church in Antioch. We can all benefit from these words today dramatically read for us by faculty member Dr. David Ford.

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