Writer Samantha Irby Is Having Fewer Over-The-Sink Moments


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The writer on food, sex, and digestive issues… Best-selling author Samantha Irby specializes in wringing comedy out of her own personal tragedies. Among her favorite topics: poop (she’s got Crohn’s disease), depression (which she also has), and sex. Throughout her writing, food is a recurring character. You can often gauge where she's at in life by what she's eating at the time. This week she takes us from the Oatmeal Creme Pies that got her through a troubled childhood, to an unforgettable moment with a glazed doughnut when she was in her 20s, to the fights she now has with her wife over condiments. And we ask her: What do you do when the same foods that bring you emotional comfort make you sick?

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