The Spotlight: Award-winning actress Kaiti Wallen #273


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episode 273 Award-winning actress Kaiti Wallen is our guest. 8/29/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guest: Kaiti Wallen Kaiti Wallen Award-winning actress Kaiti Wallen has acted alongside legendary stars such as Tom Sizemore, Tara Reid, John Savage, Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth, Scout Taylor-Compton, Corbin Bernsen and Mel Novak among many others. She started acting and modeling at a young age. She always had an interest for the arts as she is very creative. When she married Harley Wallen she realized it was a passion as Harley is an actor/filmmaker. Together Harley and Kaiti formed the production company 'Painted Creek Productions' in 2016. It went from passion to purpose very quickly after that. She loves the transition to becoming the character. When Kaiti isn't acting, she's a mother, wife and a myomassologist. She loves to paint and stay active. More info about Kaiti:

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