Episode 98: Peter Pan


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Episode 98 kicks off Pride Month 2020 on SSR!

This week, Alli is joined by podcaster and kid lit enthusiast Bryce Kelly for a conversation about J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. And we’re not talkin’ the Disney version! Tune in to hear them chat about this story’s deep publishing/adaptation history, unpack its strict depiction of traditional gender roles and weird conception of parenthood, and consider which characters are “good” and which characters are “bad.”

Bryce is the co-host of the Percy Jackson podcast Radio Camp Half Blood and the former co-host of the Lemony Snicket podcast Unfortunate Associates. They studied children’s literature as an undergraduate at Bard College and regretfully know too much about Roald Dahl. Follow them on Instagram (@bkellygorman), Twitter (@BKellyGorman), and Tumblr. Support their current endeavors on Patreon!

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