Episode 37 - Nov 2017


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In this episode, Kito, Danno, and Ian discuss all things Java, Java EE, and JavaOne with special guest JavaOne Rockstar and Java Guardian Reza Rahaman. They also discuss Microprofile, Angular 5, and more.

Unfortunately, the video for this podcast was truncated about 1/2 way through the podcast, but if still want to watch it, it is available on YouTube.

UI Tier

PrimeNG 5.0RC0 Released

Node.js 8.9.0 released

Angular 5 released

Persistence Tier



Kafka 1.0 Released

Docker 17.10.0-ce released

JavaOne and JavaEE

Java EE 8 Released

EE4J Announcement

Eclipse Microprofile 1.2 Released

Strong support for Java SE

Open Sourcing the commercial features of JVM

IBM open sourced WebSphere Liberty Edition

IBM open sourced its JVM

Microsoft introduced Azure Functions with Java support

Oracle introduced Fn (Functional Development Kit) with Java support

Key topics: Java 9, Microservices, AI/Machine Learning, Chatbots, etc.


  • 6-month release cycles for Java

Other JavaOne Presentations on YouTube!


ng-europe - Feb 1-2nd, 2018, Paris, France

Devnexus - Feb 21st-23rd, 2018, Atlanta, GA, US

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