S1E10 - Acceptance


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Keith got accepted to talk at his first real conference and also got accepted to write for Digital Ocean. These opportunities will hopefully help him grow as a writer, speaker, and content creator. Doubling down on the YouTube side of CoderJourney, Keith launched his second piece of weekly recurring content in the form of "The Weekly Update". Lastly, he's started working on the redesign and export of coderjourney.com from being on Wordpress.

Jamie was reworked his conversation flow to use a more interactive feature of Slack that will also make it more useful. The battle against time zones is done for now. Having been accepted to speak at quite a few conferences, Jamie looks to figure out his travel schedule. What's one more SaaS product? Jamie will let us know as he preps to create something else while on his "codecation".

A new segment of the show starts in the form of "Docker Rage"...

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