S1E11 - Codecation


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Jamies's Last Two Weeks

Tatsu reached had it's two year anniversary! Conversations are ready to be launched to a subset of users. Jamies's been making a lot of progress on callback, using it for some client work. This real world use is giving him more insight into the features that will be needed by applications beyond Tatsu's use case. He's written his first client library in Ruby.

Jamie's Next Two Weeks

Jamie is going on a "codecation" with a fellow developer in conjunction with a conference he's going to. Originally planned on launching a completely new project, but he's doubling down on cleaning up Tatsu and Callback. He will be building in a vacation mode feature for Tatsu so that people can easily pause their automated standups. Ending his codecation with a soft launch of Callback.

Keith's Last Two Weeks

Keith was supposed to work on the redesign of the website and the promo video for the Docker course, but battling with some sickness set him back. The promo video is getting shelved.

Keith's Next Two Weeks

Really digging into his "web app challenge", Keith is going to be working on his form submission web service. The plan is to build the MVP in the next two weeks.



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