S2E10 - Build Your Own Box Fort


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Jamie - Completed

  • Chronic
    • Start/Pause/Resume implemented on web side
    • Alert system implemented using redux
  • Tatsu
    • Flipper Cloud Implemented
  • Basement office
    • Drywall and framing is done

Jamie - Next Sprint

  • Chronic
    • Clean up web side (add tests)
    • Share base components/actions/reducers
    • Implement GraphQL
  • Tatsu
    • Add more users to beta
  • Talk
    • Build beginnings of Juvet
  • Basement
    • Paint and move in!

Keith - Completed

  • Chronic
    • Finalized Workflow backend. Not worked into API just yet.
  • ChefConf
    • Met a ton of people. The Chef community is awesome.

Keith - Next Sprint

  • Chronic
    • Integrate Workflow into API.
    • Potentially use Habitat to set up continuous deployment for Chronic.

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