S2E9 - A Really Young Snowbird


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Keith - Completed

  • Only streamed once. Decided that it’s not valuable enough to do right now.
  • Completed the initial implementation of a Workflow. Need to add tests around templates and work it into the web-socket API still.

Keith - Next Sprint

  • Going to be at ChefConf in Chicago for a week.
  • Finalize Workflow PR

Jamie - Completed

  • Tatsu
    • UI for asynchronous standups completed
    • Flipper Cloud almost implemented
  • Chronic
    • Started start/stop of web timer
    • Getting back up to speed sucks
  • Finished Deep Work
  • Went to Stir Trek

Jamie - Next Sprint

  • Tatsu
    • Add more people to asynchronous standup beta
    • Small bugs/features
  • Chronic
    • Finish start/stop timer on web


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