Episode #345: August Patron Q&A!


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Welcome to The Starting Zone Podcast, The World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players!

Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas sit down to talk with our Patrons about what's on their minds for the August Patron Q&A!

Episode #345: August Patron Q&A! is ready for Download!

  • You both mention you have partners so how do you get away with putting in the hours on Warcraft? Sometimes I get a gentle nudge that I’ve been playing too much after an hour or two.
  • Now that we've been in classic a weekish what's your prediction for it going forward? Still think it will stutter after a month or two? Also do you think that getting rid of lfg/lfr would create a more social environment in the retail game?
  • If the classic experience doesn't turn out to be as great as many hope for, will possibly retail suffer as well? Considering all the players that was playing retail waiting for classic if they are disappointed or was mainly nostalgic... what if they then bail for other mmos like ffivx rather than return to retail. Possibility? If so, Blizzard hopefully considered this. Might that result in more frequent content patches than we've experienced so far in bfa?
  • What if any head canon do you have for your characters and is their anything about them that you try to always keep consistent through the years?
  • What was the first thing you discovered when playing classic back in the day that just made your jaw drop and you couldn't believe how awesome wow was?
  • What's your favorite dungeon and zone from classic?
  • I am a female and all the characters I create are female. I raid with a group and it seems like all the other females I play with have female characters. Now I am sure there is a psychological reason but I have noticed that all the males seem to create female characters? Being male yourselves, how do you explain this?
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