Dale’s Best Advice For Entrepreneurs


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What is our founder’s best advice for entrepreneurs?

On another special episode of The StartupCamp Podcast, we’re flipping the script and putting our founder, Dale Partridge, in the hot seat.

Whether you’ve read Dale’s articles, listened to his podcast, or are actually launching your business with the help of the StartupCamp program, I’m sure you already appreciate Dale’s insights into entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, family, and life.

But just how well do you know the man behind the microphone? Where did Dale come from, and what’s next on his horizon? What’s his on-the-spot, absolute-best advice for new entrepreneurs? Find out here:


Did you know that before Dale went on to start six multi-million dollar companies, he was fired from fifteen jobs?

Real connection—and real leadership—is born from vulnerability. Dale’s path to founding Sevenly and StartupCamp was not a straight-line, and on this week’s episode of the show, we get to walk with him through the twists and turns of it.

We’ll also get totally practical: Dale’s best advice for entrepreneurs, hard stop. What it takes to get your business off the ground and to keep it in the air. How to keep your leadership balanced and what Dale has done to adjust his own leadership style over the years.

Finally, we’ll look at what comes next for Dale, his next ventures on the horizon, and the future of StartupCamp.

Join me, Chris Graebe, as we get to know Dale a little better.

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