Finding Your Calling With Jordan Raynor


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You know you are being called for something bigger.

The only question is, when?

This was the question Jordan Raynor asked himself after working in the White House. His answer? He had an incredible experience serving his country, but he needed a different path. He left politics and co-founded a tech startup, Citizinvestor, aimed at improving people’s relationship with the government.

Now, Jordan is the CEO of tech startup Threshold 360, a Google Fellow, and the author of Called to Create: A Biblical Invitation to Create, Innovate, and Risk, a national bestseller. He’s also our guest on this episode of The StartupCamp Podcast.

Jordan is sharing his knowledge about what it takes to start a profitable business, the traits that help leaders excel, and how faith and business can work in harmony. He’s also telling some of his favorite stories from Called to Create of great business leaders who made serving others—and serving God—their priority.

We know you’ll find this conversation interesting—and it might just change the way you think about following your passion. Listen here:


Do you see your career simply as an avenue to make money? Are your spiritual and professional lives disconnected? Jordan has some advice to help you think differently about what it means to be an entrepreneur and a creator in the modern world.

On this week’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Jordan’s 3 biggest takeaways for running a business
  • What it means to be “customer-obsessed” (and why your business should be)
  • The single most important trait that a leader can have
  • When it’s time to “take the leap”
  • The incredible story of Arthur Guinness, an entrepreneur who built a brewery to glorify God and serve his people
  • What it really means to find your own calling – and why simply following your passion might not be enough
  • And more

Jordan is a unique leader who has brought together his faith with his entrepreneurship. He has some pretty inspiring (and unusual) thoughts about how we can make a difference in the world. He also has a special offer for StartupCamp listeners. Tune in to the episode to learn what it is.

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