How To Make A Living As A Creative Or Art Entrepreneur with Lisa Congdon


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The Internet is exploding with opportunities for creatives and artistic entrepreneurs.

That’s what Lisa Congdon says. She’s the multi-talented artist, illustrator, author, and entrepreneur who’s teaching her fellow creatives how to thrive in the digital economy.

So what is Lisa’s advice? Build a body of work through a personal challenge. Dive into multiple income streams. Above all, don’t listen to that nagging professor-voice in your head telling you your work isn’t good enough.

In Lisa’s words, “I got where I am by sharing the wonky, naive, unfinished stuff I was making back in the day.”

Learn how to put Lisa’s best advice into practice—and a whole lot more—on this episode of the StartupCamp podcast.

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Lisa’s path to becoming an artist/entrepreneur wasn’t typical. She never even went to art school. Though that might have actually helped her, she explains:

“Because I hadn’t gone to art school, I didn’t have that professor voice in my head saying, you’re doing it wrong! Or, you can’t be an illustrator and a fine artist at the same time. I was just like—I like all these things, I’m just going to do them.”

Lisa actually started out as a teacher and then went on to have a successful career in a non-profit. She didn’t go full-time as an art entrepreneur until 39!

Just goes to show, it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

Of course, she had been putting her nose to the grindstone working on her craft and her business before then. To build a body of work, Lisa made herself personal challenges.

After all, “There’s no way you can do something every day for a year and not get better at it.”

Whether you’re an artist who wants to become an art entrepreneur or a creative person who wants to bring your dreams – art or otherwise – to life, we know you’ll take a ton away from this interesting conversation.

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