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Mindsets and strategies to trust the right people and get the right things done

Before Dr. Henry Cloud became known as a psychologist, bestselling author of over forty books, and leadership coach to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, he and his friend were on their way to a Christian radio station to guest-host a four-hour show. In truth, they were dreading the experience—so they decided, let’s just have fun with it and talk about what we want.

Three hours into the four-hour slot, the station manager and an attorney enter the booth and kick them out of the station.

But days later, they got a call from the network. They had never seen a response like what they had generated, and they offered the pair an opportunity to do a show.

There’s a lot to unpack in this episode. Dr. Cloud discusses his life in business from his beginnings in college finding his faith, to now. He talks about the five elements to consider about a person before trusting them and the three things you have to have for your business to come together. Listen now.

trust the right people with Dr. Henry Cloud

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