The Power of Collaboration with Andrew East & Shawn Johnson


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How to authentically deliver content, even if you live in a fishbowl

On their own, Shawn Johnson and Andrew East have incredible stories. Shawn is an Olympic gold medal gymnast. Andrew is a long snapper in the NFL. Both live in the public eye—and have for a long time. Now, they’re building a digital marketing/publishing empire together and they’re here to help others do the same.

They give an overview of their stories: how Shawn’s mentors sat her down at sixteen and prepared her for the reality of “living in a fishbowl” and Andrew’s perseverance and ambition, even after being signed and waived by six different teams.

They discuss the impact their parents had on them, and the mistake many parents make when putting children in sports or activities today, their YouTube journey, and the importance of just getting content out there. Listen now.

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