The Power of Focus and Purpose with Nathan Barry


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In a world with many distractions, demands, and competing interests, it’s hard to stay focused on just one thing. In an ever-changing world and business landscape, it’s even harder to stay focused on why you remain committed to your one thing.

Our guest today has managed to do both in his business and through it, find success.

In my interview with Nathan Barry, Founder of, you will hear the story of how this home-schooled kid from Idaho graduated from high school at 15, became a designer, and then decided to create Convertkit to solve an email marketing problem he faced. You’ll hear why deciding to give his company his full attention made all the difference for him. And you’ll hear how since then Nathan has streamlined the focus–and just as importantly, the purpose–of his company while growing the revenue to nearly a million dollars a month.

A few key highlights of what we discussed include:

  • The mission of his company and how it drives all they do.
  • A brilliant tip he uses to develop a culture of trust through honest communication in any organization.
  • What you should do differently with a small vs. large email list.
  • What Nathan believes will be important in the future with email marketing and how you can apply it.

So get ready for a great conversation with a designer and entrepreneur who scratched his own itch by creating a profitable business, giving it all his focus and guided by a singular purpose.

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