Episode 12: The B2B Digital Commerce Inflection Point with Andy Hoar, CEO at Paradigm B2B


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"Everybody’s got to get much better at what really differentiates them. Where’s your value add? You may think it’s at the top of the funnel but it might not be, and you better know that because your customers are going to decide on their own.” B2B digital commerce has always been a challenging landscape to navigate. But with a surge in innovation and the current Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are having to react quicker than ever before. To help make sense of this new ‘normal’ and get an insight into what else is likely to change in the coming weeks and months, Brian speaks with Andy Hoar, CEO of research and consulting firm Paradigm B2B and Co-Founder of the must-attend industry conference, B2B Next. Andy and Brian first met at Forrester, where Andy cut his teeth on the world of eCommerce. Climbing the ranks and publishing his now infamous research report – ‘The Death of a B2B Salesman’ – which in 2015, discussed the large-scale displacement of B2B sales reps by 2020. Off the back of the experience he gained at Forrester, Andy launched Paradigm B2B – the leading research and consulting firm that specializes in guiding mid-market B2B companies through today’s complex and digitally-disrupted commerce landscape. In addition to leading his own firm, Andy is also the Co-Founder of the leading eCommerce industry event, B2B Next: the annual conference that brings together the industry’s top figures to discuss the most pressing eCommerce challenges of the day. Knowing Andy’s track record, Brian knew that he would make a great guest for the show and bring tons of strategic insight on the current challenges that B2B eCommerce companies are facing. In this episode, Brian and Andy explore various aspects of the B2B Digital Commerce landscape, including: - The adoption and maturity of eCommerce in B2B and where the industry is heading next. - A retrospective look at Andy’s “Death of a B2B Salesman” report and how his views, and the market, has evolved since its publication back in 2015. - The impact of Covid-19 on the B2B digital commerce industry and, importantly, what the pandemic means for the future of Andy’s B2B Next conference and others like it. Whether you’re looking to take your first steps into the world of eCommerce, or you’re a veteran yourself and want to hear the latest from one of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders, you won’t want to miss this one. We’d love to get your thoughts on this episode, as well as any recommendations for future guests, so please get in touch at https://www.bloomreach.com/en/about/contact-us. To learn more about Andy, check out his LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyhoar/. To learn more about Paradigm B2B, visit https://www.paradigmb2b.com/. To learn more about the B2B Next Conference, visit https://www.b2bnext.net/.

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