Re-Presenting Faith in Your Life


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After attending the Bethel Music Conference, Steve and Laura were inspired to reevaluate how they were serving God in their home. Today they join forces to share some of their biggest takeaways from the conference and the changes they felt moved to make. You’ll hear the story that had the biggest impact on them, the change Steve is most proud of, and how Laura is rethinking what it means to have purpose. They also discuss how to reframe your weaknesses and tap into God’s calling for your life. They’re fired up and ready to share some glorious lessons with you.

“Leadership, to me, comes from being able to be grounded in my faith.”

-Laura Weatherford

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7:05 - Steve and Laura’s experience going to the Bethel Music Conference

11:53 - What are you re-representing in your life?

15:38 - How to understand the purpose God has for what you consider weakness

20:23 - How to get over comparison-itis and break away from the thinking that’s holding you back

26:41 - The one small change the Weatherfords made after the conference that Steve is most proud of

28:40 - Why you can’t bail on the hard work


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