Why Fitness Can Save Your Life and Destroy Distractions with Michael Counihan


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Have you ever thought that your fitness could actually save your life? Your fitness could even save someone else’s life! To reach such high-impact performance, hear how Michael Counihan serves in life-or-death situations that require extreme fitness. This man deserves respect and honor as he serves as a Police Officer for NYC as one of Manhattan’s Finest. As "New York's Finest" according to the New York Post, he serves others as a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete and personal trainer. Learn the 2 most common fights that EVERYONE must face in life. But don’t worry, because Steve and Mike share how fitness will help you achieve victory.

“You have to be physically able to defend yourself.”

-Michael Counihan

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5:04 - How mentors and determination jumpstart your success in reaching pro-level performance

11:53 - Vulnerability and compassion are far better tools than manipulation. Find out how Michael Counihan used those tools to bless teenagers’ lives

18:45 - To stay focused and drive towards success even with things like ADHD, learn how to use the gym to fuel your obsession for results

23:55 - If you’re a cop, then Mike wants you to know that your fitness matters and he can show you how to get the best results for the job

32:33 - The story of saving someone’s life: Why Mike’s job actually changes lives and how you can use honor and unity to create a culture of selflessness

39:13 - Why your fitness could save your life, inspire others to get off the couch, and rescue your friends from degraded living

45:39 - What Steve and Mike identify as the 2 most common struggles you WILL face, whether you’re a celebrity or not

55:53 - Are you using social media to compare yourself to others? Stop chasing Instagram accounts and start achieving goals that lead you towards greatness


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