S2, E6: "Abandoned" with Joe Reid


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Welcome to THE STORM: A Lost ReWatch Podcast! Where we watch a "new" episode of ABC's Lost and discuss it for newcomers and those returning to The Island.
BE ADVISED SURVIVORS - This will be our final LOST re-cap episode for the calendar year of 2019. Starting next week, we'll be dipping into coverage of the Star Wars franchise's Skywalker Saga with an episode discussing the prequel trilogy. LOST will return with Season 2, Episode 7 in January 2020. See you then!

This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil are unveiling their hut of love for Season 2, Episode 6 "Abandoned" -Shanon's flashback episode finds her romance with Sayid interrupted by WAAAAAAALLLLLT, while the Tailies make difficult decisions to try and save Sawyer. This week's guest is an excellent writer, managing editor of Primetimer.com, and co-host of the This Had Oscar Buzz Podcast, Joe Reid! You can follow him on Twitter @joereid

This podcast is split into two sections THE CALM where we talk about just the episodes we've watched up to this point and do not discuss facts and knowledge from later in the series and THE STORM where make use of all the knowledge that 6 seasons of Lost and 15 years of Lost fandom has generated, plus our own crazy brains.
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THE CALM (Through S2 E6 discussion) - From the VERY START!
THE INTERVIEW (No Spoilers) - 59 minutes, 14 seconds
THE STORM (SPOILERS!) - 1 hour, 32 minutes and 51 seconds

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