Knack Bags - Work and Play Out of Just One Bag


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In part 2 of this Feature, Chad Mellen and Keith Bristol of Knack Bags, are back to discuss the specifics of the design of the bag. Whether it’s the unique design of the sunglasses pocket or the internal water bottle holder, Knack Bag is finding all types of designs to suit the urban professional’s needs. And while it's perfect for the urban professional, it's basically for anyone who finds themselves in need of getting from point A to point B, whether it's from the bedroom to the kitchen or from your home office to the client's office. That’s the goal essentially, relieve the personal stress with just one simple backpack. Here's their story. In the second part, Keith and Chad discuss The Timing and Intertwining of Personal and Professional Lives When In a Startup; The Meaning Behind the Design and the Specifics of the Knack Bag; Expressing True Care Towards Customers; Visions for the Future of Knack Bag; Building a Community to Strengthen Company/Consumer Relationships; and so much more. Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Keith and Chad in Part 2 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of a brand. For more on Knack Bags visit: Malomo - Klaviyo - Retention Science -

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