TSS 010 - Low-Budget Filmmaking W/ Darren Scales


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Low-Budget but High Concept world-building with UK Filmmaker, Darren Scales of Darkwave Pictures.


  • Darkwave Pictures
  • First drafts
  • The time Dan and Darren met (in sombreros)
  • Starting as a filmmaker
  • The Drift
  • The Darkwave Idea Nugget
  • Darren’s Giant House & Lego Spaceship
  • Using your time wisely
  • The ever-growing To-Read pile
  • Expensive Shots?
  • Captain Credit Card & Budgeting For A Film
  • Backyard Productions
  • The biggest hurdle in filmmaking
  • Are you in it for the money?
  • Raptor-Mode!
  • How long does it take to make a film?
  • The future of Darkwave
  • Project 50/50
  • Kindle Worlds
  • Do you need a big budget?
  • The three times a film is made


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