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Prog legend Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings talks to Jason Barnard about highlights from his career including new studio album Waiting For Miracles.

The Flower Kings

  1. Roine Stolt – The Flower King (The Flower King, Foxtrot Records, 1994)
  2. The Flower Kings – Stardust We Are (Stardust We Are, Foxtrot Records, 1997) (excerpt)
  3. The Flower Kings – The Truth Will Set You Free (From Unfold The Future, Inside Out Music, 2002) (excerpt)
  4. Agents Of Mercy – The Black Forest (The Black Forest, Foxtrot Records, 2011)
  5. Transatlantic – Overture / Whirlwind (The Whirlwind, Inside Out Music, 2009)
  6. Anderson/Stolt – Invention of Knowledge (Invention of Knowledge, Inside Out Music, 2016) (excerpt)
  7. The Sea Within – Broken Cord (The Sea Within, Inside Out Music, 2018)
  8. The Flower Kings – Miracles for America (Waiting For Miracles, Inside Out Music, 2019)

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