333: Many Businesses You Recognize Today Started with Services


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Here at Boss Project we remember being young in the game; it was not that long ago! It is easy to look around and feel frustrated at everyone else's success, the success you are so badly lusting after. We usually try and figure out what our heroes are doing and how we can mimic it to get to where they are. Something that flipped this whole dynamic for us was the ideas that you should never be comparing your beginnings to someone else's middle. This sentence stuck with us for a long time and helped us to take down our guard and look backwards to where other people started instead of where they are now.

Try this with us; think about a popular business or business person that you admire, one that makes you think, 'Damn! I want a piece of that!' If you want a business like theirs or something similar, the chances is are you keep them in mind pretty often. Now believe us when we tell you that almost all of them started with services! That's why we have launched our new program this week! It is called Start with Services and it is the bomb! We know that for most of you, the biggest hurdle is not having nothing to sell or no great ideas, but rather that you need more leads and buyers. We teach the exact methods for these things. We want you to be able to go to your inbox and find new and interesting leads there every morning! Wouldn't that be great? So we made this program just for you to get there. Let's start this journey together!

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