Interrogating "Growth" with the innovation connoisseurs at Econic


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In this episode of The Stream of Conscience Podcast by SEAchange, our guests lead us to question capitalism's infatuation with "growth." Their definitions of this broad term stem from their commitment to a strategic set of values and stakeholders. Learn from their success and how your business can interrogate its own goals and values.
Econic Co-Founder and CEO, Josh Berry, and Director of Operations and Integrator, Tiffany Dunagan, gave us deep insights into how to prioritize "meeting people where they're at" - be they clients, team members, or others. This commitment has led to personal and professional evolution of those people, a deeper sense of belonging to their Nebraska community (including for their team members who live thousands of miles away), as well as more than doubling of the company's annual revenues.
NOTE: this episode was recorded in late 2020. References to "this year" and "next year" refer to 2020 and 2021 respectively.

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