World's Best Customers with Union Bank & Trust's Jill Mlinar


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Union Bank & Trust (UBT) was recently recognized as a World's Best Bank by Forbes Magazine and as being among the nation's leaders in deploying livelihood-saving capital through the CARES Act. This family-owned community bank has been serving Lincoln and Nebraska for over 100 years with integrity and a steadfast commitment to its community, customer and workforce stakeholders.
We spoke with Jill Mlinar, UBT's Community Outreach Officer, on her personal journey through learning, building, and eventually leading the bank's purpose-oriented programs.
UBT recognizes that its success comes from having the best customers in the world and the best team members in the world. They've created engaging programs for their employees to invest in their community and shown that a commitment to more than 'just making money' inspires and motivates teams to perform and innovate; proof that investment in culture and commitment to people is good for business and just. plain. good.
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