Dogs Exhibition, Graduation Songs, and Parasocial Relationship


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Episode 236 (1 hr 02 mins 12 secs) On this episode, Ruthy and Albert talk about minimizing the need to carry around loyalty cards, Dogs! A Science Tail exhibition at the California ScienCenter, a review of Silk18 Conditioner by Maple Holistics, songs to listen to during Graduation, Disney gets Hulu, new Oreo flavors, plus this whole thing about Parasocial Relationships. It’s another episode of random topics. Take a listen!

00:59 - minimalist pay
06:57 - Dogs! A Science Tail
17:17 - Silk18 Conditioner
23:56 - Graduation Songs
43:38 - What’s Going On?
53:20 - Mid-credits
54:50 - Parasocial Relationship

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Maple Holistics “Silk18 Conditioner”

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