EP200: Debbie Roberts – Celebrating 10 Years of Pure Bookkeeping!


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Get ready for a historic 200th episode! Pure Bookkeeping co-founder & E-Myth Bookkeeper co-author, Debbie Roberts returns to discuss the 10th anniversary of PB and why you need a 5 or 10 year vision for yourself. Pure Bookkeeping offers documented standard operating procedures that help you effectively and efficiently run your bookkeeping business. It has assisted over 800 bookkeeping business owners (and counting!) to simplify and systemize their businesses. During this interview, you'll also discover...
  • How to overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of small business owners around their finances
  • The advantages of working with a community
  • How Pure Bookkeeping deals with technology and change
To find out more about Debbie Roberts, visit https://www.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com.

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