EP211: Michael J. Gelb - What You Need To Know About Public Speaking


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It all started with his idealistic view of life and eagerness to change the world. Today’s guest moved to Washington, D.C. to teach politicians to "think more creatively and communicate more effectively." Let’s just say it didn’t go well. :) Instead, he's embraced by business owners, executives, senior employees and management where he instantly became the famous public speaking consultant and trainer that he is today. Michael J. Gelb is the author of 17 books (including Mastering The Art of Public Speaking), a consultant, trainer and speaker who helps businesses become more creative and successful. During this interview, you'll learn...
  • How public speaking can help bookkeepers
  • 3 practical points that you need to think about and prepare prior to meeting your clients
  • How to discover your natural style and true voice
To find out more about Michael, visit https://www.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com.

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