EP215: Mark Wickersham - What You Need To Know About Pricing Your Bookkeeping Services


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New businesses don't need to start with lower prices. That's according to our returning guest, Mark Wickersham. He believes that just because your business is fresh on the scene, doesn't mean you can't deliver value and change people's lives. Mark is a Value Pricing expert, Chartered Accountant, public speaker, author of various books and he has a terrific new training called The Business Advisory Masterclass. During this interview, you'll discover...
  • The difference between fixed fee pricing and value pricing
  • The advantages of involving clients in the pricing process
  • 3 tips to help accounting professionals shift to Value Pricing
  • 7 Foundation topics of The Business Advisory Masterclass
To find out more about Mark, visit https://www.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com.

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