EP218: Ron Saharyan & Ean Murphy - Make Your Bookkeeping Clients Profitable FIRST


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This is a unique episode. It was originally broadcasted live at the Accounting & Finance Show USA virtual conference where Michael Palmer interviewed Co-Founder and Managing Director of Profit First Professionals, Ron Saharyan and Ean Murphy who is the owner of Moxie Bookkeeping and a Profit First Professional herself. According to our guests, it's crucial to focus on making your clients more money first. When you help them get paid more than they ever had before, you will change the way they value you forever. During this interview, you'll discover...
  • How profit consulting can impact your clients and your business
  • The importance of understanding the behavioural aspect of bank accounts
  • Different resistance on Profit First onboarding and how to overcome them
To find out more about Ron & Ean, visit https://www.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com.

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