EP220: Laura Vanderkam - How To Successfully Work From Home


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Working from home. The unexpected events of 2020 have forced many of us to live that new reality. For some bookkeepers, it has been an interesting adjustment. But, according to our returning guest, Laura Vanderkam, working from home has many positives. She’s a time management and productivity expert whose new book, The New Corner Office: How The Most Successful People Work From Home will show you how to navigate the world of working remotely. During this interview, you'll discover...
  • The things successful people do while working from home
  • Why it's important to come up with ways to end your day and knowing when it ends
  • Tips on disconnecting yourself from old ways of working and embrace new patterns to match your new environment
To find out more about Laura, visit https://www.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com.

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