EP228: Joanna Kleinman - How To Successfully Manage Your Inner Critic For A Happier Life


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Your inner critic. It can be damaging to your confidence, self-esteem and many other things if you let it. If your inner critic is using up space in your mind, today’s guest can assist you. In fact, Joanna Kleinman mastered listening to her inner critic to become what she is today. She is a licensed psychotherapist that helps people redefine what's possible by separating them from their inner critic, so they can live more authentic lives. She is the author of a new book called Dethroning Your Inner Critic: The Four Step Journey From Self-Doubt To Self-Empowerment. During this interview, you'll learn...
  • How to overcome your inner critic
  • The difference between YOU & IT
  • Self-empowerment tips
To find out more about Joanna, visit her website. To buy her book, click here.

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