EP232: Sharon Francisco - How Systems Can Scale Your Bookkeeping Business


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It’s successful for a reason.

If you take a look at how its restaurants are run, they’re process and systems-based which have made them super efficient and able to scale at an incredible rate in regards to hiring more staff, fulfilling more customer orders and so on.

If building systems and processes worked for McDonald’s, it can work for your bookkeeping business too.

This week’s guest, Sharon Francisco, has over 25 years experience with small business specializing in both Business Development and supporting business owners to achieve their goals.

Most recently the Australian spent four years building a bookkeeping business from two bookkeepers to twelve using the Pure Bookkeeping System.

So, she has a deep understanding of how impactful systems and processes can be.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you should ask yourself “What do I have to figure out to be able to scale my business?”
  • 4 critical steps to building a bookkeeping business
  • How reading The E-Myth Bookkeeper can help you systemize your bookkeeping business

To learn more about Sharon, visit this link.

To check out Pure Bookkeeping, go here.

To buy The E-Myth Bookkeeper, click this link.

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