EP235: Noah Martin - Help Your Bookkeeping Clients Understand Their Numbers


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Know your numbers. According to this week’s guest, Noah Martin, who is a business and decision-making analyst and advisor, entrepreneurs should not run their business at a gut level. They must understand how much they’re earning and spending. As a bookkeeper, you should take the initiative to show and teach your clients the story of their numbers to best serve and protect them from making poor business decisions. By doing this, you’re not only creating trust and rapport, but you will also save them from a potential financial disaster. During this interview, you'll learn...
  • The importance of revealing to your clients the story of their P&L
  • Gut Level Decision versus Personal Connection Decision
  • Why it’s vital to know the decisions that are coming up
To find out more about Noah, click here. To email him, send your message to noah@knowyournumberswithnoah.com.

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