EP236: Ean Price Murphy - Why Your Business Systems Always Need Improvement


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Read the book, Profit First with your client's perspective then implement it. That's the advice of this week's guest who is a certified Profit First Professional that used the system the book mentioned which helped her business grow from a two-person operation to now ten employees and still flourishing. Ean Price Murphy is the founder of Moxie Bookkeeping & Coaching which helps its clients to understand their books, so they can feel more empowered and take home more of what they earn. During this interview, you'll learn...
  • How money works & why you always need to focus on refining your system
  • The importance of learning the relationship between income & expense
  • The value of having great communication with clients
To find out more about Ean, click here. To connect with her on LinkedIn, visit this link. To buy the book, Profit First, go here.

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