EP237: Yoseph West - How To Run Your Bookkeeping Business In A Rapidly Changing World


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"Try more stuff and see what works." That's the advice of this week's returning guest, so you can survive the new normal. Yoseph West is the co-founder and CEO of Relay Financial which he describes as a smart operating account for your business. With his experience with Wave and Hubdoc, he expanded Relay Financial and now he’s introducing The 5,000-word Playbook which is a great guide for cloud accounting to make the most of 2021 and beyond. During this interview, you'll learn...
  • Tips on how you can prepare yourself & your business for the new normal
  • Knowing The 5,000-word Playbook & how it can help you & your business
  • Great apps & tools to use for 2021
To learn more about Relay Financial, visit here. To connect with Yoseph on Linkedin, check this out. To download The 5,000-word Playbook, go here.

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