SFD100 To Reach Your Goals in Fashion (and Life), Just Do ANYTHING


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In this special episode, Heidi chats with her husband Marc about her journey in fashion. Heidi talks about the one thing that has contributed to her success more than anything else, and how you can do the same for yourself!

In this episode, Heidi and Marc talk about:
  • How the history of the SFD podcast mirror’s Heidi’s overall journey in fashion;
  • How Heidi broke into fashion with NO experience;
  • Her journey from that first step to the pinnacles of her career (so far!);
  • The most important factor Heidi credits with achieving her biggest goals;
  • Some of the “wrong” steps she took, and how they still played a role in her success;
  • How you can apply what she’s learned to your own career;
  • And more!

For the complete show notes, including links to the resources mentioned, head over to Successful Fashion Designer!

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