Ep. 279: How To Improve Your Average Through Communication w/ Michael Bernoff


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Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by one of my personal friends from Genius Network, Michael Bernoff, founder and president of the Human Communications Institute and author of "Average Sucks", coming out this week.

Through the Human Communications Institute, Michael has helped thousands of people transform their lives and raise their personal average through his signature events, audio seminars, one-on-one coaching, and more. He combines his natural talent as a communicator, his deep understanding of motivation, and a powerful ability to tap into virtually anyone's desire for success to unlock the mysteries to building charisma, influence, persuasion, and connection with others.

He's also created Human Interaction Technology(HIT), an innovative teaching method. And today, in this episode, we talk about all of that, but we more specifically talk about how to raise your average and why communication is the hidden secret behind anything you want to get in life.

I really enjoyed the episode. I think you'll see that I learned a lot, and I know you will as well. Enjoy!

-Jonathan Levi

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