BG Noise E18 - Confident Powerpoint Skills


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This Month's Background Noise Josh Lunn is Joined by regular guest and our good buddy Justin Dunn and his soon to be wife Krystal. They cover in this episode Blue Man Group at Universal Studios, The worst TGI Friday's experience ever, An Air B&B with the worst AC of all time, Genital Beach Balls and 32 oz Phalic cups, Barn Smoker Cigar event in Clermont, tobacco seeds, sharpies, and tobacco leaf thefts, A long Krystal adventure walk from Disney Springs to Typhoon Lagoon, and Krystal's verbal altercation with a "Have a nice day" type. Congrats to Josh and Krystal. You've both come a long way since "It's Complicated" and I couldn't imagine 2 people who love each other and little Brycey Bear more than you 2. Here's to a lifetime of adventures together. - SJS Team

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