128: #VapeBan = Anti-Liberty Win for Big Tobacco


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The questions of the day are…. Vaping! Is it just for hipster douchebags? Is it just for former smokers? Is it healthy or just a new evil?

No matter what your answers are to these questions, the real question is… do you think the government’s agenda to ban vape flavors is noble? On today’s episode, I’m joined by 3 fellow knowledgable vapers (Keaton Johnson, JB Bryant, and Craig Smoldt) to discuss this buzz in the media about the dangerous evils of vaping and the government’s fool-proof plan to fight it… because we all know, when our government sets it’s sights on something there’s NOTHING they can do to make it better.

Now, I know that the idea of three white vaping bros defending vaping may not be the most unbiased conversation. However, I would encourage you to listen to the facts, statistics, and logical thought experiments and maybe even do your own research before jumping to the safe conclusion that daddy government once again has our best interest in mind here.

Are our kids really in jeopardy here? Does big tobacco have an obvious hand in this decision? Is Barron Trump’s JUUL to blame for all of this? Can jet fuel melt steel vape coils? All that nonsense and more on today’s episode of The System is Down #128: #VapeBan = Anti-Liberty Win for Big Tobacco

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