QAnon Chronicles 20: Flynn Exonerated, False Flag Dorian(?), and DEATH BY VAPING...


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After a valiant--but doomed--effort to hold the tide of insane news at bay and to keep this show "focused", Scott decides to give in to his nature...this week, Scott blasts you with a rapid fire cornucopia of tangentially related stories, all under the theme of Q's important narrative: the world is corrupt, and people are trying to fix it. Between MIT/Bill Gates/Epstein connections, wild weather manipulation theories, harvesting beating fetal hearts for profit, child pornography indictments, the communist history of the UN, lists of Pedophile Island guests and more, there's a little something for every one of you nutty conspiracists this week. Tune in, have fun, try to keep up, and as always...Stay Weird.

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