How to Choose Your Social Circle


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“It’s ok to be a little eccentric, but know where it becomes a problem” - Tai Lopez

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As you go through life, you come to the realization that many people have serious psychological problems. Whatever metric or system you use to measure psychological issues, you will find that a very large number of the people that you run across exhibit those traits.

But times reveals everything, so when it comes to deciding the people you will have relationships with, whether personal or business, give it some time. It’s easy for someone to pretend to be someone that they are not for a few weeks or a few months, but try to give it a year to make sure you know who they really are.

Then, understand that everyone has a little weird in them. Everyone has a different mix of character traits, with desirable and less desirable aspects mixed in. Just make sure the weirdness doesn’t out-weigh the rest too much. Allow for the mix in your relationships, as long as it’s not overboard.

“Three things that will mess you up: Pride, stubbornness, and being overly sensitive” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Probably about 70% of people that you will run into have serious psychological issues
  • If you don’t understand psychological issues, you might start second-guessing yourself and thinking that you’re the one with issues
  • The dark triad is one way to understand psychological issues of varying degrees
  • It’s ok to be a little eccentric, but know where it becomes a problem
  • Three things that will mess you up: Pride, stubbornness, and being overly sensitive
  • A lot of times pride expresses itself as anger
  • Often, stubborn people come across as very nice, but do not act on advice
  • Everybody is allowed to be a little weird. Maybe 20%. Just not too much
  • The first step in progress is massive awareness
  • Be careful about all new relationships. Time reveals all, so give it time to understand who people really are
  • Be honest with yourself. Admit who you are and your weakness. And see if maybe you should get a pro to help you, and see a psychologist

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