Does Size Matter...To Men? Big Girls vs Barbies


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Does size matter.... to Men? Big Girls vs. Barbies We talk about society’s pressure on women to be small and pressure on men to date someone small. We will also Discuss how some men secretly desire larger women, and out in public date slimmer women. "Love Is Not Enough Pt 2" The Romantic illusion of Love, can be most easily disrupted by the lack of - Communication. Commitment, Trust, Loyalty and of course Money! A Marriage is an Independent Entity where 2 people come together in Agreement - to share and care for each other. That sameMutual Agreement is usually, discontinued and or disconnected by the lack of one or more of the above! Let's not forget - the Lack of SEX is a huge problem in most relationships, it creates a Carnal Cavern that will more than likely never again be made whole!Also we are going to be talking about…….All this will be discussed and more……. This Saturday, join myself KD and The Take Ova Krew featuring Mrs. Steph, D.A, Trey and the newest member of The Take Ova Krew……Mia!!!! THE TAKE OVA SHOW EVERY SATURDAY FROM 7pm PT/9pm CT/10pm ET GUEST CALL IN #714-816-4699 Or Kick It In CLUB TAKE OVA CHAT ROOM IT'S THE TAKE OVA SHOW! -----SPONSORED BY SHUT”EM DOWN ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC GROUP, LLC. Hangover Saturday: We’ve all done it-- or at least have had it done to us….the embarrassing calls…Texts! We want to put them on blst, so share your drunken/crazy voicemails and texts from the weekend with us (of course, you can always send in pictures too JoinThe Take Ova Show on Twitter: @IamTheRealKD @thetakeovashow @officergirl @dezkurt THE TAKE OVA SHOW EVERY SATURDAY FROM 7pm PT/9pm CT/10pm ET GUEST CALL IN # 714-816-4699 Or Kick It In The Club Take Ova Chat Room

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