Love & Marriage: 6 Things You Should Know


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First dates can be fun; but they can also be awkward. It’s that preliminary meeting used to get to know a person and figure out if there’s a potential connection. You can learn a lot about a man during a first date, if you choose to talk and ask questions. Of course you don’t want to scare him away with a First 48 interrogation, but you should ask vital questions that allow you (or him) to decide if a second date should even be an option. Save yourself time and a second date by ensuring that you know these 6 things before the end of your date. They’re normal conversation starters that won’t freak out your date, but provide you with a glimpse into what kind of person he is. Is He Single? You may assume that because he’s on a date with you, he’s single. Wrong. Accompanying a man on a date doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have a girlfriend or even a wife. It simply means you are accompanying him on a date. Is it right? Of course not, that’s why it’s important to ask very specifically. Where Does He Work? While you don’t have to know his salary or his potential for promotion, by the end of the first date you should at least know where he’s employed. Or better yet, if he’s employed. If you can’t handle being with a man with no job or want to ensure that he isn’t ‘street employed, you should find out his occupation on the first date. Saturday, join myself KD and The Take Ova Krew featuring Mrs. Steph, D.A and Trey as we cover and give advice to The Take Ova Show listeners on their opinion of the best way to initiate the talk, how to deal with not hearing the answer you may want, as we discuss Love & Marriage: 6 Things You Should Know By The End Of The First Date.

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