"Searching for love in all the wrong places”


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We’re Back and In the House Live Saturday July 12th Once Again It's Time For The TAKE OVA SHOW!!! Come Kick it with DJ K-One and The Take Ova Crew Click this link to Join Our Show *Every Friday & Saturday 7pm MT/6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET *...http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thetakeovashow Have you ever noticed that the same love that brings you so much pleasure, joy, and happiness, also brings you so much pain, doubt, and misery. Are fools rushing into relationships where angels fear to tread? Is real love involuntary, and the result of “love at first sight"? Could it be sometimes people do not recognize the true nature of love, and sometimes their spontaneity is unfortunately confused with their animal instinct? No wonder relationships are falling apart a dime a dozen, and serial monogamy is the game we play? Do we have to try a person out sexually first to know whether this is a love match? The Take Ova Crew will discuss “Where is the love you promised me." We will talk about the real crisis in love today and in the dynamics of the human couple. Is it that man has almost forgotten the inner world in the pursuit of external fantasies? This whole thing about love should be a spiritual elevation and a profound wisdom for the joining of two souls together void of ego. We will discuss If love is self-motivated and actualized, it is authentic; if love is based only on passion, then it does not actually exist. What do you believe love really is? The love lines are open Saturday July 12, 2014 7 pm MT.

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