What You Need to Know About Kids and the COVID-19 Vaccine 2021-05-04


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What You Need to Know About Kids and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Thousands of children, some as young as six months are currently enrolled in vaccine trials. We discuss the latest on these trials and when to expect results.

Is Herd Immunity Possible in the United States?

Recent reporting from The New York Times found that experts think that herd immunity in the U.S. is unlikely due to the spread of new variants and vaccine hesitation among individuals.

The Civilian Climate Corps and Colorado's Wildfires

President Biden has allocated $10 billion for the Civilian Climate Corps as part of his $2 trillion infrastructure plan, could the program mitigate Colorado's disastrous wildfires?

From "Shadow and Bone" to "Game of Thrones": The Art of Creating A Language from Scratch

Many fantasy shows and movies immerse their audience in fictional worlds complete with new lands, new people, new creatures, and even new languages.

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