NATO's Struggle to Define Its Future 2019-12-04


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NATO's Struggle to Define Its Future

To commemorate its 70th anniversary, leaders of the 29 member countries are gathering in London this week.

"Porgy and Bess" and the Legacy of Black Opera

"Porgy and Bess" is the most renowned Opera for black singers, but should it still be in 2019?

President Trump is Allowing States to Ban Refugees—Utah is Asking for More

Earlier this fall, President Trump gave states and cities the authority to veto refugee resettlements. But the Governor of Utah is asking the president for more refugees, not fewer.

In North Carolina, the Fight Over the Drawing of Congressional District Lines Appears to Have Come to an End

On Monday a panel of judges ruled that the latest congressional map, which was drawn by the Republican controlled legislature, will stand for the 2020 election.

Georgia Governor Clashes With Trump Over Interim Senator Pick

Kemp’s choice of businesswoman Kelly Loeffler drew criticism from Republicans, because the President has expressed interest for another candidate, Georgia Congressman Doug Collins

Concerns Over Trump's U.K. Visit So Close to U.K. Election

President Trump is in London attending the NATO summit amidst concerns of his sway on upcoming elections.

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