September 20, 2019 - The Queen of Hearts


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It’s been a while since Paul has been a happy-go-lucky-cheeky-chappy and there’s no sign of that guy returning any time soon, because, instead, a blast from the past in the shape of his ex-step-father has turned up on the scene and despite Billy’s best efforts, Paul’s demons refuse to surface. Daniel insists that Sinead resume treatment and refuses to contemplate a future with her in a hospice, a brace of decisions that come back to take a munch out of his posterior before the sun has gone down, which forces Sinead and Beth to plan The Purge and Sinead to reveal how she wants to be buried. It’s Ed’s birthday and Aggie’s plans for a birthday party cause three or four storylines to combine, culminating in a family member confessing a deeply-held secret to Bethany. Suffering severely from withdrawal, Ali finds an ally in Toyah who is allowed, for the first time in a while, to get some use out of that therapy training she got all those years ago. Elsewhere, no matter how hard Gary tries to be the tough guy, he has no shortage of blokes lining up to question his authority; Ryan won’t pay him back, and now Derek looks to exploit one of many flaws in Gary’s master plan, Jenny’s anniversary with Johnny this year doesn’t feature her getting drunk on her own in a hotel room, but does include Dev trying to flog her some past their sell-by date blooms, Mad Max’s issues are continuing to fester, and Steve’s new haircut is better than anyone could’ve hoped.

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