1259 Konica Minolta, with All Covered Discuss Health and Education


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Konica Minolta is an example of a global enterprise – nearly a century old – that has evolved its business to stay competitive in today's ever-changing landscape – parlaying strengths in cameras to copiers, to its own digital transformation that allowed it to become a major player in IT and IoT services. But the company wasn't able to change overnight; there had to be an inflection point.

Going against the advice of a leading global business consultancy, Konica Minolta's North American CEO made the decision to acquire All Covered, an IT services startup, because he saw the need - both among his customers and internally - for trusted IT services and support with true digital transformation consultants. The collision of a digital-first, service-provider mindset with a global hardware-provider mindset was the catalyst for change that Konica Minolta needed. The strategy was not to rebuild their entire business model from scratch but to bring in an agile partner that could lead by example and identify small areas for growth that would kick-off a gradual transformation process.

Now, Konica Minolta, with All Covered, is one of the few global enterprises that has changed its business model – from hardware maker to service/hardware hybrid – without changing the fabric of its values. Jon Clemons and Navin Balakrishnaraja join me on the podcast to share how All Covered has impacted education and the healthcare IT industry.

Navin is the National Practice Director, Healthcare IT Services at All Covered. He has more than 18 years of demonstrated experience in planning, building, and delivering IT services in the US, China, and India for different business verticals. Navin also has vast experience in providing strategic directions in the areas of IT governance, IT strategy, program management, and vendor management.

As the National Solution Architect for Education, Jon's primary focus is to lead the direction of All Covered's Education Practice nationwide in all technical aspects as well as sales enablement and go to market strategies. In this role, he developed processes and procedures for bidding and quoting network infrastructure solutions to education clients.

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